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Cherese M. Alcorn, MSW, LCSW
"Black Joy Cultivator"


"Let me help lead you from suffering and surviving to living fully and thriving!"  

Cherese M. Alcorn, MSW, LCSW, is the founder of Wellness Beyond the Chair and a Black Joy Cultivator. She works to center Black joy in a world where people of color, and women in particular, spend excessive amounts of energy caring for others and very little energy caring for themselves. Cherese believes that "Black joy isn't just about happiness; it's a form of resistance against oppression.” Cherese is passionate about working with people in leadership roles because she believes that we must first regulate our nervous system to lead effectively. 

A Black Female Therapist Revolutionizing Mental Healthcare

Cherese's mental health career began with a Bachelor of Science in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities. Her work as a case manager supporting unhoused teen mothers after graduation quickly opened her eyes to disparities in mental health treatment. She found that her clients wanted her to operate in the role of their therapist instead of following up with referrals to community mental health providers. Cherese’s clients fueled the decision to obtain proper mental health training. So, she received a Master of Social Work from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Cherese values being a lifelong learner. Her interest in generational trauma fueled by unconscious defense mechanisms inspired her to gain a postgraduate certificate in Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute. Cherese stays involved with the Saint Louis Psychoanalytic Institute and proudly serves on its DEI-B board committee. She actively works towards creating an inclusive community for students, faculty, and staff. 

Cherese Specializes in Working with Women of Color 

Cherese excels at guiding decision-makers, change agents, and entrepreneurs, particularly those facing trauma and physical illness, towards achieving inner peace. She believes well-being comes from embodiment - when your physical body, mental health, and spiritual practices are in alignment. Cherese understands the difficulties of navigating a career and personal life while staying true to your identity, trusting your intuition, and learning to set and hold boundaries. She is no stranger to navigating personal hardships and transforming them into triumphs. Cherese was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2017 and faced many challenges navigating bias and discrimination in the healthcare system and even faced employer discrimination due to decreased mobility. Cherese transformed her pain into power by starting her private practice as a response to working in professional environments that did not center the needs of women of color and/or disabled persons. This led to her developing a passion for working with persons navigating a chronic illness and/or pain.

A Unique Approach: Holistic Mental Health Care

As part of Cherese’s commitment to helping people navigate chronic illness, she added Reiki and sound healing services to her practice. Cherese is a Usui Reiki Master. Using Reiki, Cherese serves as a conduit for healing energy into the recipient's body, clearing blocked energy centers in the body (chakras) promoting deep relaxation and balance. Sound healing uses specific frequencies to resonate with the body's energy, fostering relaxation and supporting the body's natural healing processes.

Cherese envisions a world where all black women, change agents, and entrepreneurs of color can thrive and provide solutions to problems without burning out. Her approach empowers you to create impactful solutions from a place of serenity, enhancing your ability to positively influence ALL of humanity. As a nurturing therapist and guide to mental wellness, Cherese specializes in creating a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. She embraces each person's unique therapy journey, infusing it with genuine care and personal attention, seamlessly blending her professional expertise with a heartfelt connection. Imagine a safe space where you can let go of the masks you wear and relish in the comforting presence of a Black female therapist who helps you focus on becoming your future self. Reach out today to Wellness Beyond the Chair, LLC, and begin your journey toward healing and optimal wellness. 

Explore Psychotherapy Treatments Options with Cherese:


CBT treatment is designed to help patients change their thinking patterns in order to reduce psychological suffering.

  • Patients learn how to their thoughts, emotions, and behavior are interconnected.

  •  Identify cognitive distortions that create distress and learn to reevaluate them to reduce suffering in the present 

  • Engage in problem-solving skills to cope with difficult situations


CPT is utilized with trauma survivors presenting symptoms of PTSD. Sessions last for a minimum of 12 therapy sessions during which patients will: 

  • Get information on common cognitive, behavioral, and psychological reactions to trauma

  • Identify and challenge unhelpful thoughts with also know as stuck points

  • Complete regular out-of-session practice assignments in between sessions to reinforce concepts learned in treatment 


Cherese primary practices psychodynamically helping patients heal childhood wounds with their primary caregivers. Through this supportive and insight oriented treatment, Cherese assists patients:

  • Identify and deconstruct unhealthy defense mechanisms

  • Heal attachment injuries

  • Discontinue undesirable coping skills for emotional pain

  • Develop secure attachment with oneself and others

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